Hormone levels decline as we age. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) replenishes the hormones that your body needs to function optimally. The molecule of the bioidentical hormone is identical in structure to the hormones naturally found in the body. Synthetic hormones, on the other hand, are similar to, but not exactly the same as the hormones produced in your body. Synthetic hormones act differently, produce different effects and have different side effects than the safer, more effective bioidentical hormones. We at Chadds Ford Wellness use bioidentical hormones instead of synthetic hormones. We assess your individual needs and help to bring your hormone levels into an optimal, more youthful range. The program is customized and personalized based on your symptoms, lab levels, and family history. In order to assure an adequate dose and response to treatment, your hormone levels are monitored and adjusted to maintain optimal levels. Common hormone levels that are checked include, but are not limited to: · Thyroid, Testosterone, DHEA, Estrogen, Progesterone.



The Vampire procedures offered at Chadds Ford Wellness involve using platelet rich plasma (PRP) to aid in the rejuvenation of the 

· Face for a more youthful appearance – Vampire Facelift and Vampire Facial

· Scalp for hair restoration – Vampire Hair Regrowth

· Breast for fuller cleavage – Vampire Breast Lift

· Vagina and clitoris for urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction – O-Shot 

PRP works by creating inflammation to stimulate the immune system to flood the area injected with growth factors to aid in healing, rejuvenation, increased blood flow, and restoration of collagen. Dermal fillers, vitamins, and/or calcium chloride may be added to the PRP for various reasons to aid in the effectiveness of the treatment performed. 



Wrinkles are often caused by facial expressions. You may notice wrinkles that are only present with movement of your facial muscles. These are called dynamic wrinkles. As we age, these wrinkles may be noticed without any facial movement, indicating static wrinkles. Botulinum toxin injections, including Botox and Dysport, are used to temporarily paralyze facial muscles to reduce movement, and thus, wrinkles. Botox is indicated for the temporary improvement of moderate to severe crow’s feet and frown lines between the eyebrows (glabella) in adults. Dysport is indicated for treatment of moderate to severe frown lines in the glabellar area in people under the age of 65 years old. Both have been used off-label for years in the treatment of facial wrinkles.

Injections take 3-7 days to take effect. Results last anywhere from 3-6 months. Lines and wrinkles will diminish over time with continued use as your facial muscles are trained to relax. The amount of product needed to offer an optimal result varies from patient to patient. The price per patient will depend on the amount of product used. 

Dermal Filler Injections

As we age, facial wrinkles continue to worsen due to the redistribution of facial fat, bone loss throughout the face, muscle laxity, and external factors such as smoking and sun damage. Wrinkles can become static and even cause scarring over time. Dermal fillers are used to correct these issues by lifting wrinkles and folds and adding volume when necessary. These injections consist of a clear gel called hyaluronic acid, which is also found in the body. Your body will eventually break this down and it will be absorbed. Results are seen immediately and last 6 to 12 months, depending on the area treated. 



Whether you are suffering from an infection, a virus, or a chronic medical disease we can help ease your symptoms and co-treat your condition with one of the following intravenous (IV) treatments:

Major autohemolytic therapy (MAH) is an intravenous (IV) infusion of your own blood mixed with ozone gas and infused back into your venous blood stream. This can be done to help boost the immune system and help treat chronic conditions such as Lyme disease, coinfections associated with Lyme disease, and many others, in conjunction with long-term treatment by your doctor. 

Myers’ cocktail infusions can also be given involving a mixture of nutrients including magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C. The Myers’ cocktail has been found to aid in the treatment of chronic respiratory conditions, such as allergies and asthma, as well as acute illness, to include a hangover and the common cold. 

High dose vitamin C infusions are a great treatment option for many of the conditions listed above, as well, because the body has a difficult time absorbing high doses of vitamin C when taken orally. Benefits include improved immune system function, enhanced detoxification of the body, reduced inflammation, and greater overall sense of well-being.

Alpha lipoic acid
Vitamin B12 injections 

IV infusions at Chadds Ford Wellness are performed in a comfortable setting using ultrasound guidance and pre-treatment anesthesia (numbing injection) to minimize any discomfort of the IV placement. Treatments take anywhere from 15-60 minutes to complete. 



  Whether you are looking for ways to jump-start your weight loss or are searching for a long-term comprehensive program for weight management, Chadds Ford Wellness is here to help:

We offer a nutritional cleansing program that is a flexible, product based meal replacement system designed to help support the body’s natural detoxification processes long term. This line
of products includes those not only for weight loss, but also for healthy aging, energy, and exercise performance that are all backed by scientific evidence. In a University of Illinois at Chicago research study from 2012, this nutritional cleansing program was compared to a traditional, restrictive diet. Subjects on the nutritional rebalancing program lost an average of 9 pounds total, with
2 of those pounds being visceral fat after completing 30 days. These participants were also more compliant and experienced more consistent weight loss weekly in comparison to the traditional diet group. 

The HCG diet is a medically managed weight loss program consisting of a very low calorie meal plan and daily subcutaneous injections of low doses of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) to assist with satiation. Research shows that it works by affecting our hunger center, causes a sense of euphoria, and may even have a positive effect on one’s metabolism. Cycles of HCG are done for either 21 days or 40 days depending on how much weight loss is necessary. Men on average lose 1 pound per day. Women usually lose approximately ½ to 1 pound per day. During this time, alcohol and sweets are not allowed and only meal plan approved carbohydrates may be eaten. Exercise is not allowed either due to the dangers of exercise while on a very low calorie diet (VLCD). Patients on the HCG diet must complete a maintenance phase after the first cycle is completed in order to transition back into eating regularly. After this 40-day maintenance break is taken from injecting HCG, patients may start a second cycle to achieve even more weight loss, if necessary. 

Disclaimer: If not used properly this diet may not work. The literature shows that the majority of patients who participate in the HCG diet lose weight but gain most of it, if not all of it back. However, this diet should be thought of as a means of achieving and maintaining a healthy goal weight. Without the addition of a balanced diet and consistent exercise after finishing the weight loss plan, you may gain back the weight you have lost. 

Oftentimes hormone deficiencies may be the cause of problems with weight especially after menopause/andropause. In these cases a full bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) evaluation is recommended