Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Whether  you are looking for ways to jump-start your weight loss or are  searching for a long-term comprehensive program for weight management,  Chadds Ford Wellness is available to help you. We offer the HCG diet  which is a medically managed weight loss program consisting of a very  low calorie meal plan and daily subcutaneous injections of human  chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) to assist with satiation. Cycles of HCG are  done for either 21 days or 40 days depending on how much weight loss is  necessary. Men on average lose 1 pound per day. Women usually lose  approximately ½ to 1 pound per day. During this time, alcohol and sweets  are not allowed and only meal plan approved carbohydrates may be eaten.  Exercise is not allowed either due to the dangers of exercise while on a  very low calorie diet (VLCD). Patients on the HCG diet must go into a  maintenance phase after the first cycle is completed in order to  transition back into eating normal, healthy food. Depending on how much  weight you have lost after your first cycle, a certain number of  calories is determined for you to eat in order for you to maintain your  weight loss. After this 40-day maintenance break is taken from injecting  HCG, patients may start a second cycle to achieve even more weight  loss. To sustain your new physique we are also able to design a custom  exercise program for you.


  • The HCG diet should be avoided if you have any of the following conditions:
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer (especially androgen responsive tumors)
  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation or breastfeeding

The  HCG diet has been used for weight loss since the 1950s. It is a highly  controversial weight loss plan. It has been said that this diet is  ineffective in nature due to the results of a randomized controlled  trial done in 1970. The participants were split into two groups, one of  which consulted with nurses and physicians daily while eating a 500  calorie diet and the other injected themselves with HCG while eating 500  calories a day. The results showed the same amount of weight loss in  both groups. This was interpreted as a “failure” as the HCG group did  not produce a statistically significant different result than the group  who was medically managed on a daily basis. However, this was a poorly  designed study with an incorrect conclusion. The majority of us cannot  afford to meet with a nurse or physician daily for encouragement to  stick with a 500 calorie diet. If simply injecting yourself with HCG  daily can help you commit to a VLCD it is a cost effective, efficient  way to lose a significant amount of weight quickly while eating real  food and without strenuous exercise.  

Numerous practices have  actually been shut down for offering the HCG diet due to their guarantee  of weight loss. If not used properly this diet may not work. The  literature shows that the majority of patients who participate in the  HCG diet lose weight but gain most of it, if not all of it back.  However, this diet should be thought of as a means of achieving and  maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Without the addition of a balanced diet  and consistent exercise after finishing the weight loss plan, you may  gain back the weight you have lost.