IV Infusions

 Whether  you are suffering from a chronic infection such as Lyme disease, or a  chronic medical disease such as chronic kidney disease or conditions as  simple as the common cold or a hangover, we can help ease your symptoms  and co-treat your disease. Major autohemolytic therapy is an intravenous  (IV) infusion of your own blood mixed with ozone gas and infused back  into your venous blood stream. This can be done to help rid yourself of  Lyme disease, other coinfections, and even chronic conditions, in  conjunction with long-term treatment by your other physician. A Myers’  cocktail infusion can also be given involving a mixture of nutrients  including magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C to treat a  hangover or even the common cold. A Myers’ cocktail given early enough  at the start of a cold can also reduce symptoms within 24 hours and is a  great alternative for patients who are unable to tolerate as much oral  vitamin C as is necessary to rid your body of the common cold. Age  management infusion protocols are available, as well, as part of a  comprehensive wellness program.

An IV infusion is performed in a  comfortable setting using ultrasound guidance and pre-treatment  anesthesia (numbing injection) to minimize any discomfort of the IV  placement. Treatments take anywhere from 15-60 minutes to complete. We  will be adding more types of IV infusion such as IV chelation therapy  for reduction of coronary plaque to treat heart disease in the near  future.